Australian PM Scott Morrison registers miraculous comeback


Melbourne: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a miraculous comeback in the general election on Sunday. He leads Australia’s ruling Conservative Coalition.

The result has defied exit polls conducted by media organizations. The opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shorten had stepped down accepting defeat.

According to reports, nearly 16 million Australians made a beeline to the polling booths across the country on Saturday to elect the nation’s 31st prime minister.

The election was widely referred to as the climate-change election.

According to latest results, the Conservative Coalition has won 74 seats while labour secured 66. In Australia a party needs 76 seats for a simple majority in the 151-member House of Representatives.

It was not clear if 51-year-old Morrison will require the support of independent MPs to form the government.

Morrison had wooed voters by saying if re-elected, the Coalition would deliver a stable economy, more jobs and tax cuts.

He also promised funds for women’s career initiative and domestic violence and conservative plans to deal with climate change.


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