Audience Enthralled at Day 2 of National Tribal Dance Festival-2022


Bhubaneswar: The Eleventh National Tribal Dance Festival, 2022 organised by Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute, Bhubaneswar with support from Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India begins from 19th May. In the three-day-long national event, 20 tribes of 15 States will perform 31 dances from 6.30PM to 9PM at Rabindra Mandap.

On the second day, colourful tribal dances like Ghusadi Dance of Gond Tribe (Maharastra), Salamkai Dance of Mizo Tribe, Mizoram, Kalasi Dance of Santal tribe, Odisha, Karam Thapadi Dance of Oraon tribe (Jharkhand), Dhemsa Dance of Gadaba tribe, Odisha, Taal Gadi Dance of Velip ribe, Goa, Gaurmar Mandri Dance of Gond tribe, Chhattisgarh, Mayura Dance of Kondh tribe, Andhra Pradesh, Bori Dance of Bhil Meena Tribe, Rajasthan, Hathi Dance of Jaunsari Tribe of Uttarakhand, Hamatar Dance of Gaddi tribe, Himachal Pradesh performed their dance this evening.

The National Tribal Dance Festival provides platform to showcase the richness and traditional heritage of culture of Indian tribes.

Director, SCSTRTI, Prof (Dr.) A.B. Ota felicited the artists on the stage this evening. The National Tribal Dance Festival 2022 at Rabindra Mandap will end on 21st May, 2022.

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