ATMs services to resume in Afghanistan for 1st time since Taliban takeover


Starting from Saturday, the ATM services by commercial banks will become operational in Afghanistan for first time since the Taliban’s return to power, the Central Bank informed as per reports.

Khaama Press reported citing a statement by Da Afghanistan Bank as saying that the decision was taken after a series of talks with commercial banks and the union of banks.

As the outcome of the decision, the ATMs of commercial banks in specific areas will be available for customers.

“Da Afghanistan Bank is striving to return banking system and services to normal and reactivating ATMs is a good news for people that will bring further facilities,” the media report quoted the statement.

However, the bank is yet to mention the limit of withdrawal amount as restriction of withdrawing a specific amount is still in place, the media report added.

A person can only withdraw USD 200 per week or 20,000 Afghani, as per the new policy.

Notably, the ATM services were stalled after the country’s Taliban takeover in August last year.

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