ATM skimming: Watch this video to save yourself from fraud


Bhubaneswar: Several people in Delhi have reported ATM frauds in the past couple of days where the card skimming technique to clone debit/credit cards to withdraw money from remote locations was used.

Such an incident has been reported from a Canara Bank ATM Kiosk in Arjun Nagar area of Safdargunj in Delhi. Reportedly, a video of the incident also went viral over the internet. The video not only gives details about card skimming but also spreads awareness about ATM frauds.

In the video, a man is seen explaining other card users about the massive fraud and loot scheme used with the help of technology and cunningness. A customer noticed that a device was installed in the ATM machine.

Explaining further about the card-cloning device, the man showed the device was carrying a memory card, a micro camera, a battery and a small chip. He added that they also recovered a duplicate card reader which the fraudsters fixed on the card reader point of the ATM machine.

Asked how such devices could be detected, the man said that one must check the card reader point by holding it and if there is a duplicate card reader, it would easily come off. He added that the customers should also check the area above the keyboard to find out the hidden camera.

Replying to a question as to how the customer came to know that it was a card-cloning device, the man explained that he always used to check the card-holders before withdrawing money.

Most asked questions that can be answered after watching the video:

What is ATM skimming?

ATM skimming is theft of card information, where a small device, known as a skimmer, is used to steal the information during a legitimate ATM transaction. As the card is swiped at the machine, the skimmer device captures the information stored on the card’s magnetic strip.

How is it done?

Thieves place the skimmer on the ATM card swiping mechanism. However, only a skimmer is not enough. The crooks trying to dupe the people, either place a camera inside the ATM or hack the bank camera to know the ATM pin of the card user. Once the pin is recorded and the card details are stored on the skimmer, the thieves use it to purchase things online or create cloned cards.

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