Astonishing Benefits Of Glycerin For Your Skin


New Delhi: Glycerine, also often called glycerol or glycerin, is a colourless, odourless, syrupy liquid with a sweet flavour. In terms of chemical composition, glycerine is a trihydroxy sugar alcohol. The name glycerol comes from the Greek word “glykys,” which means “sweet.”  Here are some awesome benefits of glycerine that’ll make you turn to it.

Glycerine For Dry Skin | Removes Dryness

Glycerine is an excellent moisturiser for the skin. Using it regularly on your skin will keep it hydrated and fresh. If you have dry, patchy skin, then bring glycerine to your rescue and bid goodbye to dryness.


Glycerine has healing properties and can act as natural medicine, especially in treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Dead Skin Removal

Glycerine breaks down the proteins in dead skin cells and removes them from our skin. This helps in the generation of new skin cells, giving you clear and healthy skin.

Skin tightening

Glycerine tightens your pores. Add a few drops of glycerine to 5 tablespoons of rose water and store in the refrigerator in an airtight bottle. Rub this lotion into your skin to relieve dry skin and cracked skin on the face, arms and feet. This lotion can also be applied to acne-prone skin.

Hydrates the body

Taking glycerol by mouth along with water helps to keep the body hydrated for longer during exercise. But it’s not clear if this helps improve athletic performance.

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