ASI Conducts ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ For Removal Of Sand From Inside Konark Sun Temple

Konark: A Bhoomi Pujan (ground-breaking) ceremony was held on the premises of the world-famous Konark Sun Temple on Thursday ahead of starting the process for removal of sand from the Jagamohan (assembly hall) of the Sun Temple by the Archaeological Survey of India.

According to the news, in 1903, the three doors of the Sun Temple, including the sanctum sanctorum, were sealed with sand in order to protect the temple from harsh weather conditions.

In order to preserve Jagamohan including the Sanctum Sanctorum and the three doors of the Sun Temple, seminars and workshops were held several times with experts at Konark.

But the expert committee’s report and suggestions were ignored by the ASI authorities at various times. However, recently they have expressed the threat of danger to the Jagamohan of the Sun Temple and expressed urgency for its protection and preservation.

A ground-breaking program has been held on Thursday by the ASI before starting the process of removing the sand filled by the British government 120 years ago in 1903 to protect the foundation of the Sun Temple.

ASI Superintendent Bhubaneswar circle Arun Kumar Mallick said that after the completion of the groundbreaking ceremony, an expert committee will be formed by ASI to thoroughly check how the sand can be safely removed from the temple. He said that the sand removal process will be started within two to three months.

Mr Mallick said that in order to protect and preserve the Jagamohan of the Sun Temple, a hole will be dug up in the west gate of the temple and the process of removing sand from the three gates including the temple’s sanctum sanctorum will begin.

The history, architecture and culture of Konark Sun Temple are unique in the world. Superintendent Dr Arun Kumar Mallick said on the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony that the protection and conservation work of this historic temple will be started soon and vigorous preparations will be started to keep it alive in the world.

On this occasion, Niroj Singh, the officer in charge of the Konark temple, Pratap Kumar Naik, the museum officer, and ASI experts were present.

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