Artisan Satya creates the smallest version of ‘Nandighosh’


Ganjam: Artisan Satya Maharana has broken his own record this year by creating the smallest chariot of Lord Jagannath in teak wood having a height of 1.3 cm and width of 1.4 cm.

This ‘Nandighosha’ chariot of Lord Jagannath, reportedly weighs 500 to 600 mg and is fitted with 16 wheels, four horses, the parswa deities, two parrots upside down, Dadhinauti and Patitapaban Bana. The height of Lord Jagannath idol inside the chariot is 1.5 mm.

It took him four and a half hours to complete the work, said the artist.

Last year, he made a chariot with a height of 1.4 inches and Lord Jagannath idol of 5 mm height. Four leading institutions, including Asia Pacific Record, National Records, World Record of India and Indian Book of Records recognized his chariot as the smallest in the world and awarded certificates to him.

Maharana, who was born in Sorada, has been trying his best to popularise the car festival and the rituals associated with Lord Jagannath to every nook and corner of the world.

Maharana first attempted to create miniature wooden chariots in 2016. At that time, he made ‘Nandigosh’ having a height of 14 inches and nine inches wide, followed by ‘Taladhwaja’ (13.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide) and ‘Darpadalan’(12.5 inches high and six inches wide). His creations had then been registered in the India Book of Records.

In 2017, his 8.5 inches height and five inches wide ‘Nandighosh’ was included in Global Book of Records and World Record Sector. Another creation of 4.5 inches high and three inches wide was included in Asia Pacific Record, Global Book of Records, National Records and World Records of India in 2018.


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