Archana Gautam takes a dig at Abdu Rozik-MC Stan’s fight


Mumbai: Archana Gautam returned to Mumbai last night (March 23) after a long vacation in Dubai. The actress was captured by photographers at the Mumbai airport and while interacting them, Archana took a slight dig at Abdu Rozik and MC Stan’s ongoing fight. The team of Tajikistani singer has issued a statement days after he said that his friendship with rapper MC Stan has ended. Ever since Abdu shared at events and on social media about ‘mandali khatam’ and his fight with the rapper, everyone has been curious to know the real reason behind the spat. Earlier, Abdu had slammed the rapper for spreading lies about their song together and shared screenshots of ‘abusive’ comments that MC Stan’s fans made at him.

When asked to comment about the same, Archana mocked MC Stan and Abdu Rozik’s friendship and also alleged that many of Bigg Boss 16 housemates used Abdu Rozik for their personal benefits due to his popularity. The actress-turned-politician said, “Bhaiya jab doodh mein nimbu daaloge toh dahi toh Banegi na… Issse acchi toh Humari dosti thi joh ab tak chal rahi hai Aur aage tak chalegi (our friendship is better than theirs. We are still friends and will remain forever). I feel when you are in any relationship and you suddenly start staying 24/7 together under one roof, fights or differences are bound to happen. Be it husband-wife, brother sister, everyone will have fight. When Priyanka and I would have fights they would say oh my God they are fighting. Arre we are good friends that’s why are fighting and having differences. Now, see the truth is out.”

Without taking anyone’s name, she added, “I also feel in between all these Abdu is the one who have faced a lot. I strongly believe that everyone used Abdu. I don’t want to take names here, but Abdu’s name was out before the show started and everyone knew that he has strong social media following. Everyone searched about him after seeing the promo and learnt about his fan following. Everyone used him and they would take sympathy from him. I have stayed inside and I know everyone used Abdu and I hope he realises it.”

Before concluding she said, “I would say that you guys (MC Stan and Abdu) are friends, sit together, discuss things and end this fight. Be friends again and just finish this rivalry.”

The latest buzz in the Industry has been Abdu Rozik and MC Stan’s fallout. Abdu had also issued a statement stating why he reacted to MC Stan. He also alleged Stan’s team for breaking his car, insulting him in Bangalore, and more.

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