Archaeologists find 80 km long Great Wall of India


Bhopal:  We have all heard about The Great Wall of China. Surprisingly, India too can boast of a Great Wall now which has existed in Madhya Pradesh for a very long time.

About 200 kms from Bhopal near Gorakhpur village a 1,000 year old wall situated between old Gorukhpur-Devri and Chainpur Bardi passes through many villages. Big stone pieces have been used in the construction of the wall which is 14-15 feet wide.

Archaeologists claim that it is India’s longest ancient wall. Studying its materials, the archaeologists feel the wall was built between the 10th-11th century in Raisen district in Madhya Pradesh. The length of the wall is more than 80 km, which starts from the forest adjacent to Udaipura (Raisen district) of Gorakhpur village and stretches till, Bari Bareilly (Chaukigdh Fort) which is 100 km from Bhopal.

According to archaeologists, the ancient wall was built inside the dense jungles of Vindhyachal mountain range between 10th and 11th century by the Parmar period kings. It has cracks in some places but it is still quite strong with its height being 15 to 18 feet and width being 10 to 15 feet. At some place its width is 24 feet. Parmar dynasty kings had built the wall for the safety of their state.

Now, the State government has taken some steps to conserve this wall. Madhya Pradesh government has allocated Rs 3 crores for the conservation of the wall. A team of Archaeological Survey of India has carried out a survey of the wall and state government is taking further steps to conserve the wall based on the findings of the team.

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