Apple Design Awards: 12 winners including one Indian app this year

New York: Apple recently hosted the Apple Design Awards for this year where they announced the 12 winners for this year.

There were six new award categories this year that recognised developers for their innovation, visual and graphics, interaction, delight and fun, inclusivity, and social impact.

Besides the physical Apple Design Award, this year’s winners will also receive a prize package that includes hardware for every developer to continue creating great apps and games.

The winners in the ‘Inclusivity’ category include the Voice Dream Reader app by Voice Dream LLC (United States) and a game called HoloVista created by Aconite (United States). Winners in this category provided a wholesome experience for all by supporting people from a diversity of backgrounds, abilities, and languages.

In the ‘Delight and Fun’ category, winners were picked based on the memorable and engaging experiences enhanced by Apple’s technologies. The two winners here were two games – Pok Pok Playroom by Pok Pok (Belgium) and Little Orpheus by The Chinese Room (United Kingdom).

The ‘Interaction’ category honoured winners who delivered intuitive interfaces and effortless controls. The two winners in this category were the CARROT Weather app by Brain Mueller, Grailr LLC (United States) and the Bird Alone game that’s made by George Batchelor (Canada).

Winners of the ‘Social Impact’ category picked two apps that helped users improve their lives in a meaningful way. The Be My Eyes app by S/I Be My Eyes (Denmark) and the game called Alba by ustwo games (United Kingdom) were the two winners.

Winners of the ‘Visuals and Graphics’ category have been picked for their stunning imagery and high-quality animations. Loona app by Loona Inc (Belarus) and the Genshin Impact game by miHoYo Limited (China) were the two winners.

The ‘Innovation’ category included apps/games that provided state-of-the-art experiences through a novel use of Apple technologies. NaadSadhana by Sandeep Ranade (India) and League of Legends: Wild Rift by Riot Games (United States) were the two winners.



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