Happy Birthday Anushka Shetty: Best Performances Of The ‘Baahubali’ Actress That Won Our Hearts 


New Delhi: Anushka Shetty turned a year older today on November 7. Anushka has worked in different genres during her career, including romantic comedies, suspense thrillers, and period dramas. On the occasion of her 41st birthday let’s look at some of Anushka’s best performances. 


Anushka, who played Devasena in SS Rajamouli’s film flawlessly, seemed to be cast as the part specifically for her. Anushka was a well-rounded combination of grace, tenacity, and strength. Anushka as Devasena will undoubtedly go down in movie history for channelling her inner princess.  


Anushka brilliantly portrayed Saroja’s determination to leave prostitution and begin a new life. One scene, in which the actor is handled roughly by a police officer, is very descriptive of her powers.  

Size Zero 

While the Tamil-Telugu film underwhelmed at the box office, Anushka’s portrayal of a plus-sized woman caught viewers’ attention. Additionally, Anushka actually put on 25 kg while portraying her persona. Anushka insisted on gaining weight to make the makeup look authentic despite being advised to hire a skilled makeup artist, which speaks volumes about how dedicated she is to her profession.  


Anushka set the bar high for all the actors and actresses by portraying a man on screen. Anushka portrayed the part during the first half of the film rather well, even though this is the first time we have seen an actress portray a male character outside of a comedic scene. Anushka outshone the male cast in the film, which had a successful box office run, including Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati, and Prakash Raj.  


Arundhati even went on to become one of the highest-grossing Telugu movies ever at the time, making it one of the major commercial successes of Anushka’s career. And Anushka deserves praise since she flawlessly carried the entire movie on her shoulders. The movie was a big commercial success, making the actress a well-known movie star. Anushka proved to the world with her iconic performance in the movie that she was more than just a lovely face. 


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