Anup Sai’s Connection With Double-Murder Case, Details Here


Bhubaneswar: Chhattisgarh’s Raigarh police on Saturday revealed details about former MLA of Brajrajnagar, Anup Sai’s connection with a double-murder case.

Raigarh SP Santosh Singh said while Sai avoided to present himself before the cops even after several notices, police had a close vigil on him for the last 6 months.

Singh told the media that Anup Sai and the deceased woman identified as Kalpana Das (32) were staying together from 2012 to 2016. However, when Kalpana proposed him for marriage. She also asked for her share in his property, to which Sai refused and plotted to eliminate Kalpana and her 14-year-old daughter Pravati Das.

As per police reports, Sai confessed to his crimes and stated that he was assisted by a driver of an SUV who killed the duo.

Later, the accused ran the four-wheeler over the dead bodies for several times in a bid to destroy the identities. But spotting other vehicles passing through, the accused and his accomplish panicked and fled the spot.

Police sources said the mother-daughter duo was found murdered in a forest near Rampur village bordering Jharsuguda.

Police said during the interrogation, Sai admitted to his role in the murder. However, police are yet to seize the weapon by which they were murdered.

Sai’s role came to the fore during an investigation by the Chhattisgarh CID. Sai avoided joining the probe and even attempted to derail the process.

While Sai stated that the said driver helped him in executing the murder plan, police are interrogating him to know further details.

Cops are also persuading him to agree for a Narco-analysis test, to which Sai seemed reluctant. Upon being asked about the process of tracing the identity of the deceased duo, cops stated that while the initial hint regarding the identities was received by the deceased woman’s brother after nearly one year, a DNA test of Pravati and her father, who is also Kalpana’s first husband established the identity of the deceased duo.

Cops also interrogated nearly 700 persons from around six states to find the trace regarding the incident, Raigarh SP said.

As per the events, on 07.05.2016, the report was filed by Kamlesh Gupta resident of village Sambalpuri Chakradharanagar in Thana Chakradharanagar, on the way to the mother Sakambari plant on Hamirpur road, killing a woman and a girl and throwing it for the purpose of hiding the identity of the dead bodies. A case at Police Station at Chakradharanagar 158/2016 Section 302, 201 was filed against the accused.

Sai, was arrested under sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing disappearance of the evidence) of the Indian Penal Code by Chakradharnagar police in the case of twin murders of Kalpana Das (32) and her daughter Pravati Das(14) in April 2016 in a Chhatisgarh village bordering Odisha.

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