Anti-Sikh riots verdict: Cong leader seeks 30 days from court to surrender


New Delhi: Congress leader Sajjan Kumar has moved an application before the Delhi High Court seeking 30 days to surrender.

The senior Congress leader was handed a life sentence on December 17 for his role in the 34-years-old 1984 anti-Sikh riots case.

Reports said the court is likely to hear the petition on Friday.

Sajjan in the plea before Delhi HC said “I need time to settle my children and grandchildren. I have six grandchildren. The life sentence came all of a sudden”.

Sajjan also said he needed time to file an appeal in the apex court and none of the senior advocates were available as SC is on vacation.

Sajjan had earlier announced that he will move the Supreme Court against the Delhi High Court verdict. Delhi HC had described the 1984 riots as a “case against humanity” and said the people behind it enjoyed “political patronage” to carry out the act.

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