Android 11 Now Available In Developer Preview Form, Know About The Interesting Features


New Delhi: Google has released the first developer preview for Android 11, the next version of its mobile operating system.

Android 11 is also available to download and test for the developers. Google typically releases developer builds of new Android versions in March, but Android 11’s first developer preview has been released earlier than the regular release cycle.

Google says that system images, as well as GSI files for the first Android 11 Developer Preview, are now available to download for the Pixel 4, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3, and the Pixel 2. Google makes it clear that the preview build is strictly for developers and is not suitable for regular users. However, beta testing will soon be opened to regular Android users on an invitational basis, and enrolments for the same will open soon.

Android 11 release schedule:

Here’s the full release timeline for Android 11 builds revealed by Google

Android 11 Developer Preview 1: February

Android 11 Developer Preview 2: March

Android 11 Developer Preview 3: April

Android 11 Beta 1: May

Android 11 Beta 2: June

Android 11 Beta 3: Q3 2020

Android 11 final build: Q3 2020

Android 11 brings support for a wider range of screen types such as waterfall and hole-punch.

Android 11 also introduces the Bubbles API on notifications, which brings chat bubbles to the table so that users can easily keep conversations in view while multi-tasking.

Android 11 adds is the ability to insert images via copy/paste to notification inline replies. Users can copy images from Chrome and paste it via Gboard into their quick replies starting with the first Android 11 Developer Preview.

Android 11 introduces a new one-time permission feature that lets users grant temporary permissions to apps for accessing their location, mic, or camera. The new version of Google’s mobile OS also expands biometrics compatibility and adds platform support for securely storing and retrieving verifiable IDs like driving license and more such documents.

Android 11 brings call screening improvements, Wi-Fi API enhancements, and more scope for 5G-related improvements.

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