Amitabh Bachchan Shares Video Of 5 Planets Aligned In Straight Line


Mumbai: Actor Amitabh Bachchan on Tuesday shared a video of the night sky showing five plants aligned near the moon in a rare celestial phenomenon. “What a beautiful sight…Five planets aligned together today… beautiful and rare… hope you witnessed it too,” the superstar tweeted.

The 45-second clip collected has over three lakh views and over 17,000 likes. He shared the same video on Instagram too. Fans of the actor, who watched the clip, were amazed at the astronomical sight.

Last week, the 80-year-old said he has resumed working even though he continues to recover from an on-set injury earlier this month. Amitabh Bachchan had injured himself while filming an action sequence on the Hyderabad set of his upcoming movie “Project K”.

Star gazers were up for a treat on Tuesday as five planets, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Mars lined up near the moon.

NASA scientist Bill Cooke earlier told CBS News that the planets will be visible on March 28 and that the “alignment: will look “very pretty.” The five planets were visible along the waxing crescent moon.

Jupiter appeared brighter than Mercury. Venus was the brightest planet among the whole group. Venus was brighter to the upper left of Jupiter and Mercury.

Venus was visible through the naked eye as it dazzled the most among all the other planets. Uranus was the most difficult to find without visual aids. Uranus appeared near Venus but very faintly.

Further, Mars also appeared very high in the sky and had a noticeable hue.

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