America to ensure China doesn’t set international agenda


Washington: The US Administration said it will ensure that America, not assertive and authoritarian China sets international agenda.

It said it would work alongside countries like India to shape new norms and agreements globally that advance its interests and reflect its values.

The comments were made in the Biden administration’s Interim National Security Strategic Guidance released recently.

In its interim National Security Guidance, the White House said that this agenda will strengthen its enduring advantages, and allow it to prevail in strategic competition with China or any other nation.

The US will also double down on building partnerships throughout the world, because its strength is multiplied when it combines efforts to address common challenges, share costs, and widen the circle of cooperation.

It will recognise that our vital national interests compel the deepest connection to the Indo-Pacific, Europe, and the Western Hemisphere. The Biden Administration said it will support China’s neighbours and commercial partners in defending their rights to make independent political choices which is free of coercion.

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