Amazon Prime’s ‘Pindam’, Starring Srikanth, Delivers Thrills Based On True Incident


The surge in OTT platform usage has seen a rise in the release of new movies and web series each week, with horror and thriller movies currently trending. Audiences are showing interest in watching movies that are exciting with thrilling elements and twists.

The latest horror thriller tempting audiences is Pindam, featuring Srikanth in the lead role. Directed by Saikiran Daida, the film also stars Kushee Ravi, Easwari Rao, and Srinivas Avasarala in pivotal roles. The film is based on a true incident that happened in a house in Nalgonda in the 1930s. This movie was released in theatres in December last year.

Pindam was later premiered on Amazon Prime Video on February 2. The movie, which initially caused a stir in theatres, now continues to receive significant attention on the OTT platform.

It is a Telugu-language horror thriller film available in four other languages, including Hindi.

Pindam narrates the story of Anthony (Srikanth), who invests his entire savings into a house and starts living there with his entire family, but later he finds that the house is haunted. The film also introduces Kushee Ravi as Mary. Easwari Rao plays Annamma, a character, who helps Anthony and drives away all the ghosts from his haunted house.

The music in the film is by Smaran Sai, who worked on Martin Luther King and Matti Kathi. Yeshwanth Daggumati produces the film under the banner of Kalaahi Media.

With its suspenseful and thrilling plot, the movie has become a notable mention in South Indian horror films.

Srikanth, popularly known as Sriram, is an actor known for his work predominantly in Tamil and Telugu films. He has also worked in a few other horror films earlier as well, like Sowkarpettai and Asalem Jarigindi.

Kushee Ravi is an Indian actress known for her work in Tamil cinema. She started her career with Film Kinare in 2017 and later appeared in several other films. Some of the known films include Dia (2020), Nakshe, Spooky College (2023) and The Case of Kondana (2024).

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