Amazing Health Benefits of Jowar Flour


New Delhi: Jowar is one of the five top cereal crops in the world. Jowar is a little denser than whole wheat, so the taste may take some time to get accustomed to. Let’s have a look at the surprising health benefits of this magical crop.


Gluten is a protein component found in wheat and barley-based foods. It causes digestive problems such as bloating, pain, and stomach cramps. Jowar, a gluten-free whole grain, is considered an excellent alternative for people who suffer from ‘gluten intolerance’.

Jowar Rich in Fiber

Compared to other cereal grains like barley or rice, jowar contains a much higher concentration of fibre. A single serving contains over 12 grams, which is almost half the recommended daily intake for fibre. A high-fibre diet lowers the risk of obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, diabetes, and digestive problems.

Jowar Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Jowar is a complex carbohydrate that digests slowly. As a result, it leads to stable blood sugar levels. Hence, it is a great diet choice for diabetics and people who want to lose weight.

Jowar Improves Digestive System

The high dietary fibre content in Jowar also helps improve digestion. The fibre is a bulking agent that helps stool pass smoothly through the digestive tract. The whole grain helps improve digestive health and helps to treat conditions like diarrhoea, bloating, stomach ache and constipation.

Jowar Improves Energy Levels

Sorghum contains high amounts of niacin (or Vitamin B3). The B vitamin is integral in transforming food into energy usable by the body. Niacin ensures that the energy levels in the body are consistent throughout the day rather than observing sudden spikes of energy. A rich source of niacin, a single serving of Jowar accounts for 28% of the recommended daily intake.

Jowar Boosts Blood Circulation

Iron and copper are two essential minerals found in Jowar. These minerals come together to play a vital role in improving the body’s blood circulation. Iron is crucial to developing red blood cells in the body, while copper helps enhance iron absorption in the body. Thus, consuming the grain helps improve the development of red blood cells.

It also improves the overall circulation of blood in the body while reducing the chances of anaemia. A single serving of Jowar can give you 58% of your daily recommended intake of copper.

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