Al-Hind Brigade claims responsibility for murdering Kamlesh Tiwari


Lucknow: Al-Hind Brigade has claimed responsibility for killing Hindu Samaj Party president Kamlesh Tiwari over WhatsApp. The outfit has said the ‘war has begun’.

Al-Hind Brigade is a little known outfit. In a widely circulated WhatsApp message, the group said that Tiwari had tried to defame Islam and Muslims. The veracity of the claim is yet to be established, police said.

The outfit said: “We at Al-Hind Brigade claim the responsibility for killing Kamlesh Tiwari, who tried to defame Islam and Muslims. More to come”.

The message also carried a photograph of Tiwari calling him a nuisance. It also said that anyone who points fingers towards Islam and Muslims will meet the same fate.

The Hindu Samaj Party president was brutally murdered in Lucknow’s Naka area by unidentified men. He was stabbed 15 times on face and throat after which he was shot. The police have recovered the pistol from the crime scene. Investigation is on, police said.

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