Akshay Kelkar wins ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 4’


Mumbai: The much-awaited grand finale of Bigg Boss Marathi 4, hosted by Mahesh Manjrekar concluded with fierce competition and a happy ending.

Nima Denzongpa fame actor Akshay Kelkar emerged as the winner of this entertaining season of the reality tv series. Kelkar lifted the trophy winning a sum of 15,55,000 and a gold bracelet from the sponsors. In addition to that he won Rs. 5 Lakhs for being the “Best Captain” of the house.

Akshay Kelkar and Apurva Nemlekar became the top two finalists, Apurva being the first runner-up, and Kiran Mane came out of the Bigg Boss house as the second runner-up. Amruta Dongande was 4th on the winners’ list and Rakhi Sawant was 5th but managed to walk out with a briefcase of 9 Lakhs.

Rising to fame with the TV Show Nima Denzongpa, Akshay Kelkar was praised for his strong performance in Bigg Boss. Some even called him the strongest player in the house. Called the “Angry young man” on the show, Kelkar entered the show 3 months ago as one of the most popular contestants. He made headlines by being part of fights and controversies during his time in the house. Being called out for his “superiority complex” many times by Manjrekar, Kelkar was also applauded for being a “fair” player.

An exciting Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Marathi 4 with some amazing performances brought this entertaining season to a fitting end. Dance performances by ex-contestants and finalists sizzled the stage. While celeb entries added more allure to the night and provided perfect weekend entertainment to all the viewers of this reality TV show.

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