Airborne COVID: Use masks for longer time, maintain social distancing


New Delhi: People should wear masks for a longer period of time and maintain social distancing as coronavirus is airborne, DG, CSIR, Rakesh Mishra said.

Mishra said that people should not be worried about the virus being airborne but clarified that the studies cited by a group of over 200 researchers have suggested that it can’t always be airborne and infect everyone.

The dreaded virus can be at least temporarily airborne, which means it can travel in droplets of smaller size less than five microns which means that it will be hanging in the air for longer than bigger droplet which settles down in a few minutes.

Mishra said that it means that when someone infected with the virus speaks or breathes, the virus, it is likely to stay in the air for some time. Therefore, people should wear a mask for longer time, even after a person has left the room.

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