Agro Minister derides potato mission failure, says govt serving well


Bhubaneswar: Agriculture Minister Pradeep Maharathy in his as always bahubali and orthodox tone took a dig at opposition’s rant on potato mission in state whihc has so far been farcical . Maharathy government is serving the purpose of people well in spite of high rates and impoverished crop condition.

“Government’s potato seedlings have 22 eyes and serve well the purpose of good production,” he said adding, “potato seedlings that government provides has total guarantee of germination and healthy plants but the ones which are brought from open market could not be depended upon,”

In a reaction to opposition’s protest on high rates of potato in open markets Maharathy since the government’s potatoes have more eyes they can be sowed at more places and so do have higher rates.

Blasting such comments from the Minister, Opposition Chief Whip Taraprasad Bahinipati said potatoes that are available in open markets do not have single eye let alone 22 eyes. “Government is providing blind potatoes to people. So you can imagine what would be the condition of production, he ridiculed.

Similarly, reacting on deteriorated cold storage situation Bahinipati said the godowns which should be used for store keeping of potatoes are being used for storing country made alcohol.

To such allegations Maharathy said, the government has provided subsidies for setting up cold storage units. Once MLAs allocate investors on the issue works would begin.

“I will personally go to Koraput to look into all kinds of problems that farmers are facing right now. I will discuss these matters with the secretary and director of the department in the month of January,” he said.

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