Agriculture Minister Of India To Visit Be’er Milka Farm Of Indian Farmer In Israel


Tel Aviv: The Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Narendra Singh Tomar along with an Indian delegation travelled extensively from Tel Aviv to visit to a desert boutique farm, Be’er Milka owned by a farmer of Indian origin Mr. Sharon Cherry in Negev desert area.

This progressive farmer has adopted modern technologies with the technical support of Ramat Negev Agro Research Centre and is growing vegetables, fruits and super food in the heart of Negev desert.

During the visit, the Indian delegation acquired information related to technological advancements in dry-land farming and support and outreach in applied agriculture by Israel’s regional research centres.

A Round Table meeting between Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Narender Singh Tomar and Agriculture & Rural Development Minister of Israel, Mr. Oded Forer was held on 11-05-2022 in Parliament House, Jerusalem during the visit of Indian delegation to Israel.

The Minister discussed various issues related to modern agro techniques, capacity building, transfer of knowledge know-how and support in the fields of agriculture, water management, environment and rural development with the Minister of Agriculture, Israel and other stakeholders, keeping in view the scope and potential of agriculture development in both the countries.

During the interaction, MASHAV’s agricultural cooperation programmes and other stakeholders professional training activities in India were appreciated. The Minister stated that Indian Government has to explore the possibilities to adopt MASHAV’s activities in India focusing on capacity building and transfer of knowledge for which Centres of Excellence will be established in each State.

The deliberations during the meeting of Indian delegation with Agriculture & Rural Development Minister of Israel were extremely beneficial for agriculture development in India.

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