‘Against Hinduism’; will reduce Hindu population: BJP leader Gujarat woman’s Sologamy plan


Gujarat: After Congress leader Milind Deora, now BJP leader Sunita Shukla, a former deputy mayor of Vadodara in Gujarat, has expressed objection to the announcement of 24-year-old Kshama Bindu that she will marry herself on June 11 at the Harihareshwar temple in Vadodara, in an act of ‘sologamy’ inspired by Canadian web series ‘Anne with an E’.

BJP leader Sunita Shukla said such marriages are against Hinduism and will reduce the population of Hindus. “I am against the choice of the venue. She will not be allowed to marry herself in any temple,” she said.

This comes after former Union minister and Maharashtra Congress leader termed this news of a woman wanting to marry herself as ‘wokeness’ bordering on insanity. “Let’s hope it stays far, far away from India,” Milind Deora tweeted receiving backlash from social media users.

Bindu said her idea of self-marriage is a commitment to herself as every woman wants to be a bride but not a wife. Her sologamy will also not involve any legal process. “I think women marrying themselves might seem incredibly threatening because it looks like we are saying men are irrelevant, but we are actually just saying that we matter,” Bindu said.


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