After Twin City, Brown Sugar Smugglers Eyeing To Lurk In Puri Town


Bhubaneswar: After frequent seizures of brown sugar and arrest of several peddlers by Commissionerate Police in the Twin City of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar, the smugglers are now eyeing to shift their base of operation to the Pilgrim Town of Puri.

According to reports, the Excise Department personnel on Friday arrested a woman peddler from Narendrakona area and seized 25 grams of brown sugar from her. The arrested peddler has been identified as Panchei Nayak (40).

The woman landed in the clutches of the excise officers while she was waiting to sell the contraband to a customer in Narendrakona area yesterday. Following a tip-off, a team led by Excise IIC Bikash Nayak, disguised as customers, tried to buy brown sugar from the woman peddler.  As soon as the woman fell into the trap and tried to sell the contraband to the cops, she was arrested.

Prior to this, the police had nabbed a woman with brown sugar on August 6 from Narendrakona area. Yesterday’s arrest of a woman peddler clearly points finger towards unabated sale of narcotics in Puri town.

Even though the Commissionerate Police rounded up several criminals and peddlers from the Twin City in the recent past, the smugglers still remain elusive. They have been running the deadly trade right under the nose of police by targeting the young mass and getting them addicted to drugs. However, this time they have Puri town on their target.

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