After Jesus Christ; Satan gets blue verified checkmark on Twitter


New York: After Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, all one needs to do to get a verified account is shell out $8. The most hilarious and somewhat concerning are the parody accounts that are mushrooming on Twitter, something which has brought even ‘God’ down for internet surfing.

Thanks to this new Twitter Blue feature, Jesus Christ now has a verified account.With “Carpenter, Healer, God” in the bio, the user has set its location to Israel, the original Christ’s birthplace, and is sending out tweets such as “TGIF” (Thank God it’s Friday) and asking others why they are assuming him to be fake.

‘Satan’ too has procured the blue checkmark to ensure there is the right proportion of right and wrong in this world. Again a parody account, its bio says that ‘Satan’ is “Not evil, just misunderstood” and is based in hell. The account has a profile image of the horned devil with a picture of burning skeletons on the header.


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