Admin Depts Can Re-Engage Retired Employees To Fill 50pc Vacancies


Bhubaneswar: Administrative departments got a go-ahead from the Odisha government re-engage retired employees up to 50 per cent of entry-level vacancies. All the departments can do so without seeking permission from the Finance department.

A government circular issued on Thursday said the departments would, however, require the approval of the Finance department if they engage retired employees beyond 50 per cent of the entry-level vacancies.

About 73,000 posts at the entry level are lying vacant in the state.

The decision was taken to meet the challenges arising out of acute shortage of technical manpower such as JEs, AEs and also revenue work-related resources – RIs, admins etc. Besides, pace of expenditure is affected because of the vacancies.

Though several reforms in various Commissions have been brought in, recruitment takes a year from the date of advertisement to final selection of people.

Source said the State government resorts to engagement of retired staff when there are large scale vacancies and till the time these are filled up. The Finance department also revised the monthly consolidated remuneration on engagement of retired government employees with effect from October 1.

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