Adil Khan Hits Back At Wife Rakhi Sawant; Says ‘I Don’t Want To Be Sushant Singh Rajput’


New Delhi: After Rakhi Sawant claimed that her ‘marriage is in danger’ as her husband was involved in an extramarital affair. Her husband Adil Khan reacted with a message of his own.Adil took to Instagram on Saturday night to share his reaction to Rakhi Sawant’s cheating allegations. He accused her of mistreating him too.

He wrote in a message on Instagram Story, “Doesn’t mean if I don’t talk about a woman back I am wrong. It’s only because I respect my religion and I have learned to respect women. The day I open my mouth and speak what I am going through and what is she doing with me she can’t even open her mouth after that. So the only reason she wants to come every day and tell people that Adil is bad bad and bad.”

Adil Khan Durrani's message.

For unversed, Rakhi in her statement to the media, she had said that Adil has another woman in his life. She had added that she doesn’t want to end up in a ‘fridge’. Adil reacted to that statement of hers as well. “The way she tell’s I’ll be in fridge even I can say I don’t want to be Sushant Singh Rajput.”

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