Actor Siddharth Slams Modi Govt for ‘Politicising’ Pulwama Attack


Mumbai: Rang De Basanti fame Actor Siddharth has slammed the Narendra Modi government on Monday for allegedly ‘politicising’ the Pulwama terror attack.

The actor took to Twitter and wrote: “Our people believe and stand by the armed forces. It’s you and your gang they don’t believe. Stop politicizing #Pulwama. Stop pretending to be heroes on the backs of real heroes. You should respect the forces. You are not a soldier. Don’t expect to be treated like one. Jai Hind.”



The actor’s reaction came after Prime Minister Modi had attacked those, including the opposition, ‘questioning’ the armed forces and demanding proof of the recent air strikes.

“It is natural that we all should believe the armed forces and be proud of the forces. Yet, I don’t understand why some people still want to question the forces,” Modi had said.

He had also attacked the Congress and its allies, accusing them of “demoralizing country’s armed forces” by asking for “proof of the attack.”

He was referring to the air strikes carried by the IAF on February 26, in Balakot, Pakistan, in the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack.

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