Accused Strangled “Pari” To Death Before Trying To Rape The Corpse: SIT Chief Arun Bothra

Bhubaneswar: In a major development regarding the “Nayagarh Minor Girl (Pari) Abduction & Murder Case”  SIT Chief Arun Bothra conducted a press meet and revealed the details regarding the heinous crime.

As per available reports, Saroj Sethi, the prime accused in the case, has been arrested and further investigation is underway. Besides, the SIT has sought the custodial remand of Sethi.

The SIT chief revealed that the prime accused Saroj Sethi had strangled Pari to death when the 5-year-old resisted his rape attempt.

Though no eyewitnesses have been found so far, the investigation proceeded on the basis of the scientific report.

Giving out details about the case, Bothra elaborated that, the girl, while playing near her house on July 14, knocked on the doors of Saroj in order to get some berries, while he was alone at his house.

The girl, who was acquainted with Saroj as they were neighbours, went into his house without any fear.

Finding the girl alone and the situation favourable for himself, Saroj attempted to establish a sexual relationship with the minor girl.

While the accused was able to remove her frock, the girl resisted while he was attempting to take off her leggings.

Irate over the same, the accused strangled the little girl with his own hands, killing her on the spot.

Not being able to satisfy his thirst while the girl was alive, the accused attempted to abuse the corpse and violate the dead. Saroj tried to have sex with the body, though failed.

Bothra also said the accused after admitting that he killed “Pari” was drawn to have “sex” with the dead body as he was also addicted to pornography. It was further revealed that Saroj had a “paedophile” fantasy as he enjoyed watching “child pornography”.

While explaining the case, Bothra also mentioned that “During my career of 22 years, I have heard of such cases, but had never supervised or witnessed such a case of ‘paedophilia’ and ‘abuse of the dead’.”

He further said that Saroj who was a “porn addict” did not have his own cellphone, hence used to watch such videos on daily basis on his sister’s phone .i.e, at night (11 pm-12 am) after his sister came back from work.

However, he used to delete the videos after watching in order to conceal the same from his sister.

What drew the SIT team’s attention was that the accused watched a video of child pornography for hours the previous night of when the crime occurred.

Saroj during interrogation has reportedly admitted that his mindset was slightly twisted the next day and he could not control his heinous intentions when he spotted the girl.

It is to be noted that the SIT in its preliminary inquiry report submitted before the Orissa High Court reportedly stated that five-year-old girl Pari was sexually assaulted before being murdered. It further said the prime motive of the murder was rape and that it was confirmed from the semen stains found on the clothes of the deceased girl.

Explaining the same Bothra said that panicked after killing the girl and discharging semen on her clothes, Saroj packed the body in a gunny bag along with the frock and later dumped the body near a pond and hid it with dried leaves.

However, he realised that he left the leggings behind, he rushed to his place and later threw away the legging in the pond, Bothra said.

Meanwhile, a local pond from where her skeletal remains were recovered was being dried out for the purpose of collection of evidence, till the report was filed.

Bothra also revealed about the polygraph test, which Saroj refrained to perform initially and stated to his mother that “this will lead to hanging”. This drew the attention of the SIT team, said Bothra.

Later, after being convinced, Saroj agreed for the polygraph test.

The results of the test revealed that  Saroj lied on almost all the questions that were related to the case.

Apart from that, the SIT chief also mentioned that Saroj had earlier confessed about the crime to two of his acquaintances, one of who has recorded the audio and video of the confession.

The child had gone missing while playing in front of her house on July 14. Later on July 23, her decomposed body was found packed in a sack behind the house near a pond.

The deceased girl’s parents had on November 24 attempted self-immolation outside the Odisha Legislative Assembly demanding justice for their daughter.

A case was registered against the accused under Sections 364, 302, 376 (AB), 376 (A) and 201 of the IPC and Section 6 of POCSO Act.

Earlier today, a complaint has been lodged against Bothra at the Nayagarh Sadar Police Station, wherein he has been accused of torturing and assaulting one Saroj Sethi, allegedly arrested by the SIT and is stated to be the prime accused in the case.

Saroj Sethi accused Bothra of offering him Rs 5 lakh to admit to the crime and take the blame on himself.

Odisha Police termed the allegations of wrongdoing against the Special Investigation Team of Crime Branch in connection with the kidnap and murder of a minor girl as “unfortunate and unethical”.

The Odisha Police also dismissed the allegations as false and baseless.