Abide by fee structure decided by govt, High-Tech Med College told


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government on Saturday warned the High-Tech Medical College authorities to abide by the fee structure decided by it for admission of students or face the music.

Rajesh Kumar Agarwala, deputy secretary to the government, in a letter to High-Tech medical college principal wrote in this regard.

“Allegations have been received from various quarters including parents regarding non-admission and non-acceptance of the reporting of the students by your institution who have already taken admission through OJEE,” Agarwala wrote in the letter.

“It is further alleged that the institution is insisting on undertaking/bonds from the students/parents regarding the increase of fee structure,” he added.

He asked the college authorities that admission and reporting of the student for the academic year 2019-2020 shall be strictly in accordance with the OJEE guidelines.

The Institute, at the time of admission/reporting, shall not insist upon the student/parents to undertake any bond/undertakings with reference to fee hike or the like, he said.

The Institute shall abide by the fee structure, as decided by the Government, he said.

“Any violation of the above, will be treated as disobedience of Govt. orders, and if proved, this department will be compelled to withdraw the NOC/Essentiality Certificate issued to the Institution,” he added.

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