‘9 Dina 9 Kahani’ Day 4: When Lord Rama Broke Hanuman’s Pride

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When ‘a-Satya’ or evil and dishonesty begins to overpower ‘Satya’ or goodness on Earth, Lord Vishnu appears in a mortal avatar to save humanity. Be it Varaha, Matsya, Waman, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, or Shri Jagannath, the relationship between the Lord and the devotees does not have a place for pride and jealousy.

To mark the nine-day-long annual Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath and his siblings, 93.5 Red FM has started Season 2 of ‘9 Dina 9 Kahani’. The people will come to know several mythological stories that are centered around Lord Jagannath and his incarnations.

Let’s know the episode when Lord Rama taught a lesson to his most loved disciple, the mighty Hanuman, for being engulfed with feelings of pride for his power and speed.

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When Lord Jagannath, in the avatar of Lord Rama, was about to begin his epic battle against the powerful Ravana, he decided to worship Lord Shiva to seek his blessings as Ravana was most beloved disciple of Lord Shiva.

Lord Rama entrusted Hanuman to bring him a Shiva Linga needed for the ritual, and Hanuman flew all the way to Kashi to bring the Shiva Linga from the Lord Shiva himself.

But this task given to him by Lord Rama filled Hanuman with pride as he felt that without his help bringing the Shiva Linga needed for the ritual was not possible. In the state of pride, his return journey got delayed and on arrival he found that Lord Rama had already made a Shiva Linga out of sand for the ritual as he did not want to delay the Puja. Then Hanuman began questioning himself that if this is how it was supposed to be then what was the need for him to go all the way to Kashi.

Lord Rama was well aware of these feelings of unwanted pride in Hanuman and in order to make him realise his pride of power and speed asked Hanuman to remove the Shiva Linga he had made from sand.

Blinded by pride and without thinking twice, Hanuman tried to remove the sand Shiva Linga with his tail.  Hanuman did not realise that what he was trying to remove was LORD SHIVA’s LINGA and that too made by Lord Rama.

Hanuman then understood his mistake and apologised to Lord Rama for the false pride and seeked for forgiveness.

It can be learned from this episode that one should never be proud of one’s muscle power and knowledge because nothing is permanent in this world.


We are sure it left you with an idea that the relationship between a devotee and the Lord should never have any sense of pride and jealousy otherwise the relationship fails to stay pure.

Ollywood actor Shradha Panigrahi narrated the story on Day 4 of ‘9 Dina 9 Kahani’ Season 2 organised by 93.5 Red FM and presented by YONO SBI. Besides, renowned sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo presented beautiful sand art visuals of the mythological episode.

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