8 lions contract deadly COVID at Hyderabad Nehru Zoological Park, recovering


Nagpur: While Indians are struggling to keep the deadly coronavirus at bay, eight Asiatic lions at the Nehru Zoological Park (NZP) have tested positive for the virus.

The lions are housed in the sprawling 380-acre zoo. Latest reports said these are recovering. The RT-PCR tests of the lions conducted some time ago indicated that the animals have contracted the deadly disease.

Dr Siddhanand Kukrety at NZP confirmed the report and said the lions are well and good. Dr Shirish Upadhye, director of the city’s Wildlife Research and Training Centre (WRTC) said after Bronx Zoo in New York, where eight tigers and lions tested positive for COVID April last year, there have been no such reported cases anywhere in wild animals. However, in Hong Kong, the virus was found in dogs and cats.

The Nehru Zoological Park was closed to the public around two days ago. The park is located in a densely populated area.

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