7th Pay Commission: Minimum pay hike & fitment factor may finally see approval in Dec


New Delhi: The National Anomaly Committee (NAC) will be presenting a report for higher Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor in December, next month.

NAC is expected to meet Union Finance Minister – Arun Jaitley to discuss the same.

According to reports, NAC is currently preparing its report for the pay hike for 48 Lakh Central government employees, who are seeking their minimum pay hike and fitment factor to be adjusted above the recommendation made by the 7th Pay Commission earlier this year.

The 22-member National Anomaly Committee (NAC) will present its report by 15th December 2017 and it would be sent to the Union Cabinet for further perusal.

If the NAC report is approved, the central government employees can see their Minimum Pay hiked to Rs 21000 from the already revised Rs 18000 minimum pay; and the Fitment Factor rose to 3x from the current 2.57 times.

Once approved, the NAC recommendation will be implemented from 1st April 2018. Earlier this year in June, many recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission were approved by the Union Cabinet, amongst which the Minimum Pay was hiked to Rs 18000 from Rs 7000 earlier and the Fitment Factor was made to 2.57 times.

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