7 wagons grounded after Angul derailment, waterlogging affects train services in Kharagpur-Bhubaneswar section

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Bhubaneswar: In view of derailment of goods train between Angul and Talcher Road, yesterday, Railways have grounded seven Wagons by early morning, today.

  • The 1st wagon was grounded at 03.40 pm, Yesterday.
  • 2nd wagon, 9th from engine grounded at 11 pm.
  • 3rd wagon grounded at 11.05 pm.
  • 4th wagon grounded at 12.25 am.
  • 5th wagon grounded at 01.30 am.
  • 6th and 7th wagon grounded at 05.45 am., today morning.

The first wagon was removed by the 140 ton crane. The remaining wagons were removed by excavators. The engine is to be tackled by road crane.

Besides, keeping in view the Water Logging on Railway Track at Hijli Station area along with some parts in Kharagpur Railway Division under South Eastern Railway, train services in Kharagpur-Bhubaneswar section may be affected partially. As a result, some trains may be delayed, and rescheduled.

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