7 Amazing rewards and benefits of RBL credit card


RBL Bank, also known as Ratnakar Bank, is a private sector bank located in Mumbai, found in 1943. It serves services in five primary sectors, i.e. institutional and corporate banking, commercial banking, retail banking, agricultural development banking and financial market access. The bank has operations across 21 countries. It has a chain of a network of 324 branches and 341 ATMs across the country as of July 2019. It ranks among the ten most valuable banks in India.

Bajaj Finserv brings co-branded RBL Bank credit cards which has a power of 4 cards in one. It has properties of four cards. It can be used as a credit card, a loan card, a cash card as well as an EMI card. The credit card is an instrument through which one can make a purchase and help to meet cash in case of an emergency. It has so many industry-first features that make it stand out in comparison to all the other cards. RBL Bank propounds an exclusive loyalty program for all its credit cardholders. It sustains its customers by rewarding them with personalized gifts from a cross-disciplinary array of products, vouchers, etc. for every spend transaction done.

Rewards and Benefits of RBL Credit Card

  • Can be used as a loan card in case of emergency

The most sterling thing about RBL Credit Card is that it offers flexibility in comparison to other types of financing that do not provide. You can do far more things with an RBL credit card than unambiguously swiping it at the register or using it to buy things online. RBL credit cards allow you to tap into cash and liquidity that you otherwise would never have. So many cards offer a perk like rewards points and signup bonuses that can help one to attain your business goals faster and more cost-effectively. It also offers their customers cashback, cash advances, 0% intro APRs, and transferring balance are some of the major benefits that you can access on a credit card. Lastly, this credit card offers revolving credit continuous access to a credit line as you pay down what you borrow. One need to reapply with a loan, once you use up and pay back all the funds, but with a credit card, your credit line replenishes as you pay down your balance. The cardholders can also convert the available credit limit of their RBL credit card into a personal loan and utilize interest-free cash for up to 90 days. They also can opt to repay it in 3 easy EMIs.

  • Customers can get attractive offers and discounts at partner stores.

RBL provides a lot of privileges to the customers. They receive attractive discounts and offers on EMI purchase, other payments, travel bookings, etc. These exclusive benefits are available when the customer makes a transaction with Bajaj Finserv partner stores spread across the nation. RBL Bank credit cardholder can avail a discount of 15% on booking movie tickets through BookMyShow, avail discount on salon services from VLCC, avail discount of 15% on medicines and health products at Apollo Pharmeasy store, avail a discount of 25% hotels are booked through Treebo and many more.

  • Offers low-interest rates

An ideal credit card should be one that does not charge you a lot of interest. With the SuperCard by Bajaj Finserv and RBL, the cardholders can avail Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) at no extra cost. With the feature of no-cost EMI, the customers can repay your credit card bills without adding any additional interest. There’s much more a customer can avail other than the low 12-14% interest that you are often charged to use the EMI option.

  • Easy EMI options:

One of the prime concerns of the customers after availing a personal loan is repaying the loan. Repayment is repaying the personal loan availed through RBL Bank credit cards is straightforward. You can repay the loan in 3 EMIs. As only a flat 2.5% processing fee is charged, the EMIs are competitive and affordable. Thus, you don’t have to dip into your savings and impinge on other financial goals while repaying the loan. These innovative industry-first features make RBL Bank SuperCard Credit Card one of the most potent credit cards in the market.

  • Provide protection from cyber threats

Robust security this RBL credit cards contain a number of security features. ‘Zero-fraud liability cover’ and ‘In-hand security’ are one of them that helps to alleviate the cyber threats. In-hand security provides customers with superior control of your card, in terms of security. You can control the usage of your card via the RBL MyCard app.

How to redeem rewards points with RBL Bank credit card?

  • RBL credit cardholders have to log in on the website or app of the bank using their usernames and passwords. Then they have to choose the reward according to points and availability.
  • Cardholders can then select the category they wish to redeem the gift, for example – shopping, travel or recharge
  • In the next process, customers will have to click on redeem points and choose the number of points they wish to redeem.
  • The customers will then receive an OTP on their registered mobile number, which they need to enter successfully to make the process successful.
  • In case a customer falls short of rewards points, they can use the card to gain the remaining points.

From what services can customers redeem RBL rewards points?

The reward points earned from RBL Bank credit card can be redeemed by customers for availing various vouchers and gifts available online:

  • Handpicked Collections
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Gifts
  • Vouchers
  • Mobile Recharge

RBL credit cards are loaded with supreme benefits. It is a great companion that will always help at the time of crisis. No matter where you are, what is the purpose and what type of crisis you are facing, the card will help you instantly without any major formalities or documentation. Hence, the consumers are recommended to choose the best option among the multiple choices that will be suitable as per their needs.

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