60 YO Italian Doctor Caught On Cam Half-Naked With Patient At Clinic


Rome: An Italian gynecologist was recently caught offering a bizarre ‘cure’ to relieve a patient of her fertility issue–sex.

The accused has been identified as Giovanni Miniello (60), who has resigned after he was caught half-naked in a hotel room with the patient whom he had assured that having sex would “cure” her.

The investigation was launched by the Italian TV show, ‘Le Iene’, after a woman had alleged that he was offering a “sex cure” to patients.

Miniello was caught in an undercover investigation with a woman patient whom he was about to “cure”.

She alleged that he touched her breasts without any explanation and told her that he liked women with small breasts.

The woman approached Miniello to seek treatment for her fertility issues. He allegedly told her that she had human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually-transmitted DNA virus that can cause cancer, despite a negative result after a smear test.

The doctor even told her that she could boost her immunity by having sex with him as he was vaccinated and called her to a hotel room. Once there, Miniello takes off his clothes while assuring her to free her of the virus through sex.

He even refuses to use protection while having sex, claiming that the benefits of the “cure” would be lost if he had latex on.

This was when a journalist from Le lene burst into the room, surprising the 60-year-old half-naked doctor.

On being caught, he said: “I’m doing this for my studies, and for the other people that I have saved.”

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