6 Tips for healthy international travel


International travel can either be a headache or a smooth fun filled experience, depending on how prepared you are. Health is one of the key concerns about international travel both for you and the country you plan to visit. You, therefore, need to know the best tips for staying healthy while abroad.

The immigration physical majorly focuses on diseases. The first tip for a smooth immigration physical is to get the appropriate vaccines and immunizations required for the country you intend to visit. Some of the general required vaccines are against Hepatitis A and B, Yellow fever and flu. You may want to find out if there are other immunizations and vaccines recommended for your destination and get those shots.

The second tip is to visit your health care provider for a health check up before going for your immigration physical. Your doctor will ensure that you have all the information you need to share with the panel physician. The more accurate information you have and provide about your health, the quicker the physical and the faster you can begin your international travel.

The third tip for a smooth immigration and healthy international travel is to research. Find out as much information about the country you intend to visit as possible. Be on the lookout for information about the kind of climate to expect, places or dangerous animals to avoid, as well as contagious diseases and how they are commonly transmitted. In doing your research, it is prudent to visit your government’s information portal or website to check for travel advisories or warnings. Social media can also provide you with updated information on vaccines, medication, and immunizations that would be helpful during your travel.

Tip number four is to get health insurance and find out what it covers abroad. Whether you are healthy or have a medical condition, it is important to know the terms of your health care when abroad. An accident may happen and you may need medical care. Travel insurance is also a great plus if your destination has poor medical care services or your travel involves participation in high-risk activities. If you are using a reward credit card, you may want to confirm if they have travel insurance before incurring further cost. These cover would also be helpful during your immigration physical in confirming your health condition to the panel physician.

Ensuring that you have a stocked first aid kit is a great tip for healthy international travel. Since immigration physical includes an examination of hands, nose, ears, throat, eyes and many other body parts, a first aid kit shows your preparedness to handle basic issues like hand sanitizer for the hands, moleskin for blisters, bandages, and pain medication. The first aid kit may be handy for avoiding issues like upset stomach, and jet lag since it contains Pepto Bismol and Melatonin respectively.

Lastly, when traveling abroad, you need to be cautious about what you eat, drink and how long you expose yourself to the weather. For example, the heat may be warm and giving you a nice tan but you should avoid staying in the sun for too long. You also need to stay hydrated but ensure to take bottled or purified water. As for eating, if you are not certain about the food, only eat what can be peeled, baked or boiled. Sometimes the fruits and salads may be washed in contaminated water and lead to diarrhea or vomiting. Now that you know, enjoy a healthy fulfilling experience in international travel.

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