5T Secretary Visits Joranda, Shares CM’s Decision To Transform Mahima Gadi


Dhenkanal: On the instructions of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, 5T secretary V.K. Pandian today visited the famous seat of Mahima cult at Joranda in Dhenkanal district.

Pandian informed that many decisions have been taken on the advice of the Chief Minister for the development, beautification and transformation of Mahima Gadi.

Expressing his thoughts on the unique cult, he said that Mahima Dharma is a model for the whole world. “All are equal in this faith irrespective of caste, creed and colour. Welfare of the world is the ideal of this religion. It inspires us all,” he added.

Stating that Chief Minister is deeply inspired by the ideals of Mahima Dharma, Pandian said that the government will provide every possible support for the propagation of this cult. In addition, he informed that the Chief Minister has ordered that steps will be taken for the development of Mahima Peeth across the State.

The private secretary to the CM also spent some time among the Mahima saints in Joranda. During meeting, the secretary conveyed message of CM that the State Government will provide all possible support for the propagation of Mahima Dharma. He suggested the saints to discuss among themselves and prepare a plan for spreading the vision of Mahima Gosain in the state and outside.

Pandian informed that the Chief Minister has expressed his commitment to provide cooperation in the construction of temples and prayer hall as per the advice and suggestions of the saints.

A bridge has been constructed over Bramhani river from Kaluria village to Saradeipur to improve communication at a cost of Rs 235.56 crore. The bridge will bring great convenience to the people of 62 villages in terms of communication as well as to the devotees and tourists of Joranda Gadi.

The Chief Minister named the bridge ‘Mahima Setu’.

On the sidelines, he visited 5-T school in Joranda and discussed with the students and teachers about the success of the transformation.

Later, he had also had his lunch Mahima saints.

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