5Paisa.com launches unique portfolio analyser for investors


Mumbai: 5paisa.com today said that it has launched portfolio analyser, a one-of-its-kind product, which offers investors complete financial health analyses in an easy to do format.

5paisa.com is the first Indian broker to offer this product based on an in-house proprietary technology with advanced analytics. It offers analytics beyond regular portfolio concept of profit and loss of stock.

“Until now, you were only provided a portfolio view where you could see the profit and loss of your stock but no-one has ever provided advance analytics of your portfolio. We are the first broker in the country to introduce this feature that gives you access to the innovative tool for you to analyse your portfolio all on your own and improve your investments,” said Prakarsh Gagdani, CEO, 5paisa.com.

Portfolio analyser provides unique features like NAV, DVM Score, Decision Analysis, Concentration Analysis Rolling Returns, Valuation Trend and Growth Trend.

NAV: The performance of the portfolio is a key metric for any investor. Now, investors can get a quick glance of ups and downs of your portfolio with simple charts.

DVM Score: Evaluate quality of all your stocks with DVM (Durability, Valuation, Momentum) score. Higher the score, better the stock. While Durability scores focus on long term performance, Momentum scores analyse daily market movement of a stock. Further, Valuation score targets earnings of a business which provides 360 degree view of a stock.

Decision Analysis: When it comes to building a healthy portfolio, making right decisions at the right time is crucial. The Decision Analysis tool helps you in this process. It helps you take a call on when to buy, hold or sell a stock.

Concentration Analysis: This helps you see how diversified your portfolio is between various sectors and stocks. Over-concentrating your portfolio in a few sectors puts your portfolio at more risk.
Rolling Returns: When it comes to performance, we tend to be biased by our most recent numbers. But by looking at the rolling returns of your portfolio, you get a clear idea of how your portfolio’s returns performed at any point in time.

Valuation Trend: We calculate long term PE over here by considering average earnings per share over several years. This is a safer and more cautious PE measure for investors compared to simple historical PE as it considers the value of a stock over a longer time period, thus limiting the effects of recent positive fluctuations.

Growth Trend: The Growth Trend analysis helps you analyse the growth of your portfolio as a whole. This is a weighted average of the growth of the companies in your portfolio over a time period. It identifies the growth laggards and leaders.

The three-year old 5Paisa.com is India’s only listed and second largest discount broker. It doesn’t charge any brokerage and offers trade at a flat fee of Rs 10 per trade of any value, which makes it the most affordable discount broker in the country. Many calculations show trading on 5Paisa.com could save investors up to 98% compared with other regular platforms.

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