52 MLAs of Odisha Assembly have criminal cases against them


Bhubaneswar: As many as 52 MLAs of 15th Odisha Legislative Assembly have criminal charges against them, said an analysis of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) adding 41 legislators have serious criminal cases against themselves.

Civil society group ADR found that 80 per cent of the elected BJP MLAs have criminal charges against them while 56 per cent of elected Congress MLAs and 27 per cent of elected BJD legislators have faced criminal cases.

Out of total 117 winning candidates of the ruling BJD, 32 legislators have faced criminal charges while 9 out of 16 candidates of Opposition Congress and 8 out of 10 BJP MLAs have faced criminal cases.

In case of Lok Sabha, two MPs from BJD and the lone BJP MP from Odisha have declared criminal cases against themselves.

Similarly, two Rajya Sabha Members from the State, one each from BJD and Congress, have also declared criminal cases against themselves.

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