5 Video Games That Got History Wrong


If the idea behind video games was to entertain, there is no doubt they have more than done that. The experiences have been thrilling; breathtaking if you will. From generation to generation, however, video games were also meant to educate, prompting some quarters to coin ‘edutainment’ out of it. For gambling lovers, https://www.bonuscodegenerator.com/1xbet-promo-code/ gives you the chance to experience the thrills even more by enjoying bonus video games.

While some games can claim good grades in getting it right in matters of history, others will flop miserably.  Here is a quick round-up of some of the most interesting video games that got their history all wrong.

  1. Every Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is an example of a mouthwatering, event-filled roller-coaster. Perfectly executed for gameplay, the setting is spot-on, let alone the well-cast hitmen getting their business done in practically life-like emotions. But where does it get its history wrong?

Wasn’t the Assassin’s Creed an idea of the 18th century? The hitmen use sophisticated guns with pinpoint precision and accuracy, and we all know firearms were nowhere close to that only until recently. There is an American flag throughout the series, and records show 1776 as the year the flag was first used.

  1. L.A Noire

The plot is everything Los Angeles, except the sky. How could Rockstars possibly miss that? It does nothing to take the thrill away, but if only they paid closer attention to the three things that define Los Angeles; the sun, the stars, and the smog. The trademark clear blue skies depicted in L.A Noire are a total contrast from the reality on the ground.

  1. Genji: Days of the Blade

When Bill Ritch, the producer of Genji: Days of the Blade spoke about attacking the giant crab on its weak point, little did he know he would become a subject of ridicule because researchers are yet to determine the weak spot of the large arthropod. It was just a game, but a little misleading fact could be damaging.

  1. Killer7

Suda51’s collections are not known to be educative, or fact-based. Killer7 is worth a mention for the alleged role of George Washington in Coburn Elementary School, where it argues that the school has since 1789 been electing US Presidents. The truth is, there were no Elementary schools back then.

1.Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The game took place in the 9th century when nothing was certain, including the famous Hanging Gardens. Babylon has been portrayed as the Capital City in most fictions, including in the Prince of Persia, but sadly, everything is believed to have crumbled approximately a thousand years before the real action. There is nothing tangible to prove the existence of the historical anomalies.

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