5-member delegation from Kerala Assembly visits Odisha Legislative Assembly


Bhubaneswar: The official language committee of the Kerala Assembly today visited the Odisha Legislative Assembly and held a detailed discussion on the use of Odia language in the State Assembly and at the government level.

In a meeting organised in Chamber No. 54 of the Odisha Assembly, the state culture director Mr. Ranjan Kumar Das detailed the 5-member delegation of the Kerala Assembly about the various steps taken for the use of the Odia language at the official level.

Special Secretary of Public Administration Department Himanshu Bhushan Panda highlighted the related government guidelines. Similarly, the members of the Kerala Assembly also detailed regarding the steps taken by the Kerala state government to use Malayalam language as the official language. Later, the members visited Odisha Assembly House and other departments.

On behalf of Odisha Assembly, Secretary Dasarathi Satapathy welcomed the delegation while Officer on Special Duty and Director (Research) Krupasindhu Mishra gave vote of thanks. During the discussion, the Program Coordinator of the Odia Language Institute, senior officials of the State Assembly were present.

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