5 drinks on a first date maximises chances of having sex, reveals survey


New Delhi: Likelihood of sex rises with the amount drunk and having five-drinks on a first date maximises chances of having sex, a new survey shows. However, there are increasing chances that your lover will never want to see you again.

Scientists found that booze lowers inhibitions and makes people much more likely to make a move.

The chances nearly doubled to 17 per cent among those who had two drinks, while 24 per cent of those who drank three had sex, and 41 per cent of those who had four.

But only 11 per cent of the heaviest drinkers got beyond a one-night stand.

Those who limited themselves to two drinks were the most likely to get a second date, according to Alcohol.org.

The addiction website’s survey found that 86 per cent of people drunk at least some alcohol on a first date.

Men can get a better idea of a woman’s interest by how much she drinks, with four in ten women saying they drink less on a bad date than on a good one.

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