5 best platforms to buy a smartphone on EMI without a credit card


Buying a mobile phone has become easier than ever. The consistent rise of digital payments along with easy monthly installments has made it quite easier for people to buy any product online, especially mobile phones.

But, it has been witnessed that credit card always has an upper hand when it comes to making payments on this websites since it lets you convert the big purchase into easy EMIs.

But what about people who don’t have a credit card or moreover for people who don’t want to keep a credit card due to the complexity and the added risk involved?

Here are the top 5 platforms from where you can buy a smartphone on EMI without a credit card.


#1 MoneyTap

MoneyTap is an evolving fintech application which provides you backup money for lifetime up to Rs. 5 lakh on your tap.. Buying a mobile on EMI using MoneyTap is not just easy but quite feasible as well. Once you enter the required information and documents on their instant loan app, and you are done. The best part is the fact that you only pay interest against withdrawn amount only.

So let’s say you get approved for Rs. 2 lakh and buy a new smartphone on EMI for Rs. 30,000, interest would be charged only on this 30,000 amount. If you need rest of the Rs 1.7 Lakh for any other expense you can use that anytime and convert it to easy EMIs.

#2 Bajaj Finserv

Backed by the Bajaj group, this platform also helps in purchasing mobile phones on EMI without a credit card. The best way to avail the services of this application is to avail the EMI Network Card from their services. This is one of the payment tools that is sanctioned against the pre-approved loan amount. You can easily use this card to make your payments for every kind of purchases, be it for smartphones or something else.

#3 Zest Money

Zest Money is one of the ways of making digital EMI payments for purchasing several consumer durables without the inclusion of any form of credit or debit card. They work with a wide range of online e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Flipkart etc) and allow 100% financing and easy installment options.

#4 Home Credit

Home Credit is one of the leading digital payment brands that people all around trust. They are a durable customer loan provider who is known for providing easy and feasible EMI options for purchasing smartphones as well with fast and easy approval.

#5 PaySense

PaySense allows you to have an access to personal loans amounting to Rs. 2 lakhs. They provide with authentic services and easy payment options and quick disbursement of the sanctioned loan amount for you to easily buy the smartphone of your choice.

These are the 5 best online platforms for you to buy the smartphone of your choice even if you don’t have any credit cards.

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