23 Killied As Powerful Tornado Hits Mississippi


A tornado and strong thunderstorms swept across Mississippi late Friday, killing at least 23 people and injuring dozens, according to the state’s emergency management agency, after the twister left a trail of destruction for more than 100 miles.

According to the Mississippi emergency management agency, in addition to the 23 casualties, dozens of people were injured, and at least four people went missing.

“We have numerous local and state search and rescue teams that are still working this morning,” the agency said in a Twitter update. “Unfortunately, these figures are subject to change,” the agency said.

A powerful tornado that ripped through the US South caused a “life-threatening situation.” As hail the size of golf balls moved through several southern states, the dangerous tornado caused injuries, widespread damage, and downed power lines, as per the media reports.

Severe Damage Caused Due To Tornado:

A tornado caused damage about 60 miles (96 kilometres) northeast of Jackson, Mississippi, according to the National Weather Service. The rural towns of Silver City and Rolling Fork were reporting devastation as the tornado continued to sweep northeast at 70 mph (113 kph), racing into Alabama through Winona and Amory into the night.

Rolling Fork is a town in Sharkey Country. As the storm approached, the National Weather Service issued a blunt warning: “To protect your life, take cover now!”

“You are in a life-threatening situation,” it warned. “Those caught without shelter may perish as a result of flying debris. The mobile homes will be demolished. Homes, businesses, and vehicles are likely to sustain significant damage, and total destruction is possible.”

According to a federal Census Bureau survey conducted in 2021, nearly 30 per cent of the residences in Sharkey County are mobile homes or housing other than homes or apartments.

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