2019 LS poll: Highest turnout with 67.11 percent


New Delhi: An estimated 67.11 percent of the nearly 91 crore electors turned up to cast their vote in the  seven-phase Lok Sabha election, the highest ever turnout recorded in any parliamentary poll in India.

The overall turnout was recorded at 67.11 percent, as per data available on Monday morning.

Of the 543 Lok Sabha seats, elections were held in 542 constituencies as the EC had cancelled polls to the Vellore constituency on the grounds of excessive use of money power.

The overall turnout in 2014 was 66.40 percent.

While 83.40 crore voters cast their ballot in the 2014 polls, the number stood at 90.99 crore as on April 23, the day third phase of polling for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In the 2009 elections, the turnout was pegged at 56.9 percent.

In 2019, the voter turnout saw a decreasing trend from the first to the seventh phase, which took place on Sunday. According to data provided by the EC, in phase one, the turnout was 69.61 percent. It went down marginally to 69.44 percent in phase two and further down to 68.40 percent in the third phase.

In the fourth phase, the turnout saw a decline of nearly 3 per cent, and stood at 65.50 percent. In the fifth phase, the turnout was 64.16 per cent, but went up marginally to 64.40 percent in the sixth phase. In the seventh phase, it was 65.15 percent, according to the EC’s Voter Turnout app on Monday evening.

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