20,000 government employees benefited under KALIA scheme


Bhubaneswar: At least 20,000 government employees/pensioners were availed benefit under Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA).

As per the notification issued on Tuesday, around 36,34,710 small and marginal farmers/actual cultivators (share croppers) have been selected for online transfer of financial assistance of Rs.5000.

Similarly, 14.70,580 Landless Agricultural Households (LAH) have been selected for online transfer of financial assistance of Rs 5000. Thus, 51.05.290, beneficiaries have been selected in small and marginal farmers/sharecroppers/ landless agriculture agricultural households category till May 29, he added.

The Government decided to display the updated beneficiary list at GP office and web portal from 6th August 2019 for awareness and wide transparency.

Apart from verification of beneficiaries, 40,21,113 applications (22,27,542 SF/MF and 17,93,571 LAH) were pending for sou-moto exclusion/updation.

The process of field verification of the beneficiaries and sou-moto exclusion/updation of pending applications was also started simultaneously on August 6 and completed on August 31 to find out non-priority households (ineligible beneficiaries).

Besides, the focus was given on GPs with a low count of small and marginal farmers/ landless agricultural households and FRA Patta holders compared-to the rural population.

The small and marginal farmers/ landless agricultural, households, FRA Patta holders of the identified GPs are allowed to apply for the scheme directly to GPNO or through Common Service Centre. The farmers of other GPs were allowed to apply only through online.

After verification it is found that the beneficiaries are ineligible for the following reasons:

About 12,000 large farmers have received the assistance. They will be. motivated/ encouraged to refund the funds, as they will get assistance under PM-KISAN scheme.

About 9,000 minors have received assistance. As the head of their families may have been provided with assistance, the assistance released to them shall be adjusted from subsequent instalments.

About 20,000 family members of either Government Employees or Pension holders have received the assistance. They will be asked to refund the amount or else the amount will be deducted from their salary/pension.

Around 3.0 lakh multiple members of the same eligible family have received the KALIA assistance, so the assistance released to them shall be adjusted from subsequent instalments.

Any beneficiary who feels that they had been wrongly excluded can apply online through the website i.e. kalia.co.in. with complete documents. After verification of the same, further steps for inclusion will be taken.

The eligible beneficiaries shall get assistance for Kharif’ 2019 during September’2019.

Any beneficiary who wants to voluntarily refund the KALIA assistance or any ineligible beneficiary can also refund the KALIA assistance in the Account Name: Voluntary Refund of KALIA assistance, bearing Account No: 38474500762, IFSC Code: 561100010236, Bank Name: State Bark of India, Odisha Secretariat Branch, Bhubaneswar.

The assistance provided to the Ineligible bereirficiaries shall be further scrutinised and where needed they will be motivated/ encouraged/ mandated to refund the KALIA assistance.

The sou-moto exclusion/updation of pending applications i.e. 40.21,113 applications have been completed at field level.

After that the data have been sanitized at State level by utilising, different databases like i.e. PMFBY, P-PAS, NFSA, SFSS, SECC and HRMS, etc and about 10.0 lakh have been found to be eligible in all respects including their Bank Account numbers.

Out of this the small and marginal farmers and the eligible Landless Agricultural Households will get their assistance under KALIA scheme during September’ 2019. Further scrutiny is going on and the applicants whose eligibility is verified shad also be provided with KALIA assistance during the year.

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