2 Sundergarh girls trafficked to Saudi Arabia rescued


Rourkela: In a shocking incident, two girls from Sundergarh district were allegedly sold to a broker in Saudi Arabia for Rs 25 lakh on the pretext of providing high paid job.

Fortunately, they managed to escape with the help of the Indian Embassy.

The victims have filed a complaint against one Biswajit Mallik at the Raghunathpalli Police Station.

As per the complaint, Biswajit, who runs a job consultancy firm, had contacted them around 8 months ago through his sister and lured the duo to on the pretext of proving them job in Saudi Arabia with a monthly salary of Rs 30,000.

Before sending the duo to abroad, he kept them in a hotel, one among the two victims was reportedly his cousin, raped his cousin and sexually assaulted the other girl and recorded a video of the whole incident with the help of another person. The accused had even threatened to kill them if they took the matter to police, alleged the victims.

After that, the accused managed to send the two women to Saudi Arabia by blackmailing them with the video. However, after reaching there they were found cheated.

Instead of getting engaged as gardeners, the employer made them to work as toilet cleaners in Dubai and did not pay a penny for eight months.

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