17 Football Fans In Kerala Buy Rs 23 Lakh House To Watch FIFA World Cup Matches Together


Kerala: The 2022 FIFA World Cup has kick-started in Qatar, and football fanatics are all geared up to welcome the game.

17 residents of Mundakkamugal village in Kerala’s Kochi have brought a house together for rs 23 lakh, so that they can watch the FIFA matches together at one common spot. The football friends have also decorated the newly-purchased house with the flags of the 32 teams taking part in the World Cup, along with portraits of football stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. A big-screen television has been installed in the house so that all of them can watch the match together.

“We planned to do something special for FIFA World Cup 2022. 17 of us purchased a house already on sale for rs 23 lakhs & decorated it with flags of FIFA teams. We’ve also planned to gather together here & watch the match on a big-screen TV,” Shefeer PA, one of the buyers said.

Before buying the house, the group had established a unique tradition of watching football games together, and they have been doing it for the past 15-20 years. They eventually decided to buy the property in order to continue gathering at the house.


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